My Glam Gnome Holiday Look!

Getting closer to New Year’s Eve, I decided to adopt my gnome-inspired Juicy Couture hoodie combined with my fabulous Grecian Alexander McQueen dress and wearing sky-high heels. This red shade looks very festive and makes a beautiful contrast with silver grey. Both items have casual elements and without being something like that separately, when put together, can be called a little bit ‘grungy’ and ‘loose’. If you want to feel comfy and at the same time attract men’s gazes then do not hesitate to blend something really sportive and casual with something completely different or partly similar in character. This dress can be dressed down and up, depending on the items I am bringing into the mix while my velvet hoodie is glamorously and proudly casual, a true everyday-life sparkler! As it seems, they can coexist harmoniously!

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