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Health and well-being are top of mind for more and more Americans today, and for Buick as well. The first ever Buick Envision five passenger compact luxury SUV feature’s signature Quiet Tuning, advanced driver assist technologies, and soft-touch materials, designed to contribute to a more relaxing, calm and happy driving experience. Recently, top model Carolyn Murphy collaborated with sound specialists Jarrod Mayer and Melody Balczon to design a sound bath aimed at alleviating stressful driving situations.


Buick’s signature Quiet Tuning is a process designed to reduce, block and absorb noise to develop a quiet, inviting, and distraction-free cabin. Elements including acoustic laminated glass, triple door seals and active noise cancellation make the Buick Envision one of the quietest SUVs on the market.


The Buick Envision Quiet Tuning Sound Bath Track can be downloaded for use on your next drive! It supports calming and enhances focus of the mind.


Buick also released a new piece of video content inspired by the Envision, the “Buick Envision Joy to Drive” video.


The video delivers a special stretching routine created by super trainer Akin Akman alongside his client, model Nina Agdal. The duo designed the routine specifically to aid comfort before, and after, long drives.


“I travel a lot for work with much of it being long distance whether it be driving or flying and I know first-hand the value of making sure that pre and post journey I look after my body – stretching helps deliver that comfort that allows me to relax and make the journey a joy,” said model Nina Agdal.

The Stretching Routine consists of the following four maneuvers:

Neck Stretch
This gentle stretch targets the sides of your neck. A stiff neck can cause headaches and upper back pain so it’s important to loosen up to aid comfort ahead of a long drive.
Eccentric Upper Body Push Upbuick_envision7
This is an inclined push-up in which she will slowly lower herself onto the car until her chest is almost touching the hood or front panel, and then return explosively to the starting position. Strengthens chest and back muscles while engaging the core. Increases blood flow to arms and upper body. Returning explosively to the starting position increases blood flow, heart rate, and boosts overall alertness.

Eccentric Lower Body Squat

Standing close to the back bumper with your back facing the back of the car, slowly lower down into a squat until your butt just touches the bumper. Then quickly return to a standing position. Builds strength in your legs. The quick return to a full standing position awakens the senses by increasing heart rate and blood flow, elevating one’s focus and attentiveness.

Back Mobility

With your arms reaching back behind you, slowly bend your back towards the car until you can place your hands flat on its surface. (It is not necessary to go into a full “bridge” position.) Finish the exercise by returning to a standing position — and then performing a forward toe touch. Sitting for long periods builds tension in the lower back. This exercise releases that tightness in the lower back. The forward toe touch serves to loosen the hamstrings.

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