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It’s true that Marc Jacobs is one of my favorite fashion designers! I’m so much obsessed with his work and his ability to influence the world of fashion, that I started collecting some of his most wonderful pieces starting quite recently with a mini series of cocoon-chic stoles from his Fall/Winter 2012 collection. I find them very charming and always enough to trigger discussion. In fact all of his statement-pieces are conversation-starters. My little collection consists of three oversize stoles – one of them an impressive hand-made crochet – a pair of silver wedge sneakers that has been stalked during one of the recent NY Fashion Weeks and posted on, a transparent PVC shoulder bag with embedded black lace, a polka-dot sparkling beanie, and many more smaller accessories. I just can’t wait to buy some of the upcoming stuff, because they are always attention-getters.


Now that the designer is focusing on his eponymous line and his more affordable spin-off, we’ll see even more impressive things from this growing empire. Marc Jacobs has the ability to rewrite his own history every season, updating his style and competing himself. He creates the trends that will make his previous collection outmoded. His long tenure at the prestigious Louis Vuitton house ensured that he’s equally talented in Haute Couture and handles genuinely the techniques inherent in it. He’s very much influenced by art, knowing every bit of avant-gardeness that can shake the world, and using his broad spectrum of experiences as an inspiration for his collections.


Finally, I like the fact that he almost molds consumer demand into what he finds cool for the next season. He teaches people to be daring, think outside-the-box and transform themselves like chameleons. With no taboos and restrictions in his portfolio, Marc is the most sought-after designer of the moment and the person who’s destined to leave a huge impact in the world of fashion. Every show of his is the highlight of the season. He manages to make it so cool and exclusive, always keeping a surprise for his fanatic audience. For Spring/Summer 2014, I love his contra-trend darker palette, the inspiration from the 1890’s, and most importantly the tasseled details, the hibiscus prints and the dazzlingly, intricately embroidered evening dresses.


Marc manages to make a huge, lasting impression without being loud in terms of manners. He’s loud and impactful in terms of style, experimenting with his clients’ responses to different artistic and fashion-related stimuli. Getting dressed in lace or posing naked, doing the unexpected and stirring reaction, wearing a skirt or even a tuxedo, Marc is always a pure non-conformist, so authentic, resourceful and powerful that he convinces millions of people to conform to his ever-swinging aesthetics. Marc can be luxurious and quirky at the same time, sober and insane, without even trying. It’s complicated but he makes it look effortless! For more of Marc Jacobs’ marvels and treasures CLICK HERE!


Elena Sendona



fw14_elena1 spotting me!



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