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We’re heading towards the much expected MB NY Fashion Week at the speed of light, and my feelings of desire and anticipation grow even faster. I’m anxious and happy, trying to get prepared and reach perfection in terms of style. I would like to adopt some statement looks, very original and descriptive of my multi-faceted personality. Today is the first day of registration and I really want to be among the first ones to register! In the meantime, I’m browsing through numerous favorite online shops just to discover the items that will make the difference during my visit in NYC. The previous time I managed to attract famous street fashion photographer Bill Cunningham who took a few – yet unpublished – pictures of my style. Will I be even luckier now? Anyway, I have to buy clothes, accessories and… fabrics, since I will be mixing designer pieces with some items created by myself. Here is my initial inspiration, with some designs of mine. Wish time was enough for me to make a whole capsule collection till September! I don’t promise anything, but at least I’ll put an effort to it…

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