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Lacoste is Partnering with Snoopy!


lacoste_snoopy4It’s fun, cool, and unexpected; a cute collaboration you would never see coming! The beloved PEANUTS cartoon gang will be the theme of a limited-edition LACOSTE apparel collection available in all of the brand’s US boutiques as well as on its online store!  The iconic characters (Snoopy, Charlie Brown, etc.) are celebrating their 65th birthday this year and are also releasing a new 3D wide release animation “The Peanuts Movie” via 20th Century Fox.


2010 saw Lacoste’s first collaboration with Peanuts, celebrating their 60th birthday. 5 years later, the Peanuts gang is back by the crocodile’s side in an even sportier mood! To celebrate this milestone, Snoopy, Charlie Brown, Lucy and Linus, 4 well-loved characters of the world’s most popular comic strip, team up with the crocodile for a series of mischievous games: Snoopy can be seen crocodile fishing from his doghouse rooftop while Linus gently wrestles the reptile for his blanket, Lucy – ever the perfectionist – talks our croc into a game of tennis and Charlie Brown’s birdie meets a surprising end, caught in the famous toothsome jaw seen popping out of the hole. Hayato Kohama, director of Special Product Design Inc., creative advisor and overall coordinator for the Peanuts line, thinks “The Lacoste crocodile would fit right in with the Peanuts gang”.


Embroideries immortalizing these 4 sketches adorn the emblematic polo which comes in 3 colors – white, navy and chiné grey for adults
and white, pink and chiné grey for children – as well as a navy sweatshirt.

The collection is already available so run fast!  Check it out HERE!

Love You All!!!

Elena Sendona


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