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kmo_jewelry3Attention-grabbing statement accessories are the obsession of my life and that’s why I always love to share related news with you! French jewelry designers Caroline and Francois-Xavier Renou, partners in life and creativity, have been designing the KMO collection for over a decade. The name KMO was inspired by the Kamo River in Japan, where Francois-Xavier proposed to Caroline, whom he refers to as his “one true love and soul mate.” Shortly after their marriage, the KMO collection was born consisting of sensual, feminine, and chic one-of-a-kind pieces made to enable women to embark on a journey of discovery with their personal style.


Sophisticated yet distinctive in its architecture and development techniques, the KMO collection is sure to catch the eye of the style-savvy shopper. Based on patented application processes of Kamelite (silver dust) and Diamelite (diamond dust), KMO combines uptown perfection, feminine mystique, and an aesthetic edge that is intricately crafted with the finest materials. Every piece truly displays a vibrant and individual touch of glamour.


KMO achieved great success with its New York debut launch event party on Wednesday, October 21, 2015. The event showcased various hot New York socialites, models, and VIP’s including: Genevieve Barker, Jacque Reid, Georgina Burke, and Kim Dillinger, and was hosted by the Nightlife Queen herself Miss Amy Sacco along with KMO President Susan Pearson. Supreme Public Relations conducted a chic and fully packed room full of some of New York’s elite fashion industry editors including: WWD, NY Post, W Magazine, Real Simple, and style influencers from the likes of Vogue to Cosmopolitan…all of which showed up to the event wearing signature stand out pieces from the new collection.


The first KMO flagship store debuted in Bali in 2005, where the enchantment of the land has been an inspiration for the jewelry collection from the beginning. KMO has since expanded throughout Europe and South East Asia. On September 15, 2015, KMO opened the doors of its first US boutique at 251 Elizabeth Street in New York City. The pieces are real temptations! Check them out HERE!

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Elena Sendona

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