Introducing Middle East’s First and Only Fur Designer!

malimo_collection1As you’ve all seen on NY Fashion Week catwalks fur resumed as one of the basic materials to battle low temperatures and freezing cold in style. Designers tap into it to produce avant-garde versions beyond the classics or simpler designs in highest quality fur. Recently, Kuwait-based luxury fur brand Malimo made its first Stateside appearance through private meetings with press and fashion industry insiders. Founder and designer Maali Aloudah, during our little chat, stressed the importance of finest quality fur at higher price points and expressed her desire to open up to the US market through presence at major boutiques and department stores in NYC.

I had the privilege to touch her creations and I can assure you that they felt ultra-luxurious and opulent. She’s using just the best chinchilla, mink and sable on earth from Saga Furs, Blackglama and other global suppliers, and collaborates with the most experienced and talented manufacturers in Europe, especially Italy. Her designs carry functionality in them, including waterproof linings and smart closures. They are currently exclusively available at Harvey Nichols Kuwait.



Malimo is Middle East’s first and only fur designer so far, and admittedly the go-to furrier for the local elite, including royal families. As she told us, wearing fur on special occasions (weddings etc.) is a strong tradition there. Inspired by everything from classic movies to modern technology, Aloudah’s designs for Malimo are classic in textile but very much contemporary in design. Rich in style, Malimo prides itself on pushing the envelope – these are definitely not your grandma’s furs!


Educated in accounting and business administration during her eight years as part of a diplomatic envoy to the United States, Maali Aloudah is no stranger to business. Back home in Al Asimah, the capital of Kuwait, she went into banking and today helps run the family business, this in addition to being a proud mother and, now, an entrepreneur in her own right. This charming mix of business with fashion accounts for a high-end bestseller; a collection that sold out at Harvey Nichols once and will do it over and over again! Stay tuned for more of the designer’s news!

Love You My Fashionable Readers!!!

Elena Sendona


P.S. I’m presenting this topic knowing that this designer’s furs are Origin Assured and therefore pro-animal-welfare which is another great advantage to it!

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