Happy New Year with Fashionality!!!

Up in the mountains, close to culture and immortal civilization, in a picturesque Greek natural setting (Arachova and Delphi), it seems to be an ideal way to kick off 2015! I was thinking of my own New Year’s resolutions and nothing else popped up in my mind other than “working harder, being more disciplined, and retrieving the greatest possible amount of happiness through creativity”. This is going to be another great year, already promising in terms of my career as a fashion writer, and I’m so excited to learn more, read more and make meaningful research!


It’s been slightly over a decade since I started writing about fashion; yet it’s still exciting and so much fulfilling for me. Fashion is not just a joke, as many outsiders might say. It’s a serious business that spans the world and affects millions of people. For those who better speak with numbers, the annual global fashion industry revenue is $1.2 trillion (2013 stats)!


It also reflects socio-economic conditions, historical times and important ideas. Right now I’m greatly involved in this dialogue about fashion through my newly renamed blog as well as through my posts for another important website; an actual school for aspiring fashion stylists offering interesting courses in NYC and L.A. I’m so thrilled to be part of this stylish family and would like to share posts that I wrote for them over the last months:

Love You All!

Happy New Year and… Happy Reading!

Elena Sendona

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