Ermanno Scervino FW23 : Goddesses Reimagined

In a mesmerizing conversation that harkens back to the golden era of cinema, a Cinecittà costume designer’s words unfurl like a tale of enchantment. “All dressed up or en déshabillé, she was the embodiment of charm and beauty, radiating charisma with a figure unmatched in its voluptuousness.” With the legendary Ava Gardner as muse, Ermanno Scervino delves into the ethereal and powerful allure of femininity for his fall/winter 2023-2024 collection.

An ode to the seismic transformation ignited by the Hollywood diva, Ermanno Scervino’s pieces embody the liberation of the female form. Gardner, a paragon of empowerment, embraced her sensuality with unwavering courage and reveled in the juxtaposition of her masculine and feminine facets. The designer’s meticulous craft combines contemporary sensibilities with Gardner’s timeless glamour, weaving a narrative of empowered femininity.

The collection’s heart lies in undergarments, a canvas of subtle sensuality and intimacy. The iconic pointed bra once adorned by Ava Gardner graces the Ermanno Scervino runway, embodying the designer’s mastery. Through strapless minidresses of double wool, lace, and satin, the house’s savoir-faire shines. These dresses unveil intricate inner bra constructions, exquisitely soft yet supportive, enhancing the exquisite female form.

Sensual contrasts reign—masculine and feminine, delicate and strong—interplay in harmonious dissonance. The color palette dances with juxtapositions: charcoal grey and ivory white dance with lime green, ruby red, and denim blue.

Power-shouldered topcoats drape over lacy frocks; buttery leather trenches cinched at the waist join girly short shorts. Hooded, oversized parkas cocoon delicate slipdresses, rendered in cinematic shades of dove grey.

Shearling jackets and coats come alive with embroidered threads, each stitch a tribute to tradition. Charming lace graces translucent creations, revealing a captivating interplay of allure and purity. Satin shirts cascade loosely over sequined pants, ruby red and lime green melding in harmonious contradiction. Velvet suits bear the marks of time, with faded prints hinting at a rich history.

Beauty, elegance, and glamour converge in Ermanno Scervino’s lexicon, crafted as an ode to women. The collection evokes goddesses reborn, paying homage to Ava Gardner’s legacy while crafting a narrative for the modern-day heroine.

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