Cuuura: The New App Responding to Any Fashion Query!

Headquartered in NYC and maintaining a satellite office in Sydney, Australia, a new fashion tech project, along with similar developments across the industry, will contribute in reinventing communication among consumers and influencers, adding an impactful interactive element to your shopping experience.

Cuuura (pronounced Cure-ah) is a new App and social media platform available for download on the iPhone App store that revolutionizes communication and commerce! It has already created a highly engaged fashion community that allows the user to take their fashion questions, polls and posts to the streets of an international community of friends, family, fashion icons, followers and more.


Created in Sydney and launched in the United States, Cuuura is the brainchild of fashion industry vet turned tech entrepreneur Josh Goulburn.  At the age of 35, Goulburn spent the past 15 years in the fashion industry working with some of Australia’s most celebrated brands including: The Grand Social, a prominent pioneer in fashion/e-commerce site, where he served as General Manager. Goulburn also co-founded Platform – a men’s and women’s lifestyle/designer brand with partner and designer Josh Goot.

cuura_app2Cuuura provides an engagement aspect rather than a transactional one – literally allowing the user to take it to the street and to social media with a simple poll asking their community questions such as:  “What shoes should I buy, platforms or pumps? Sandals or stilettos?” “Boyfriend jeans or dinner for my boyfriend?”

On any given day, fashion is a top trending topic, without exception. 84% of 17-24 year old females will consult a social media platform prior to purchasing an item. She will post or text the item with a request or call out for feedback. This very statistic coupled with Goulburn’s fashion background was the impetus for co-creating Cuuura with John Mount in 2014.

“Tech has turned the tables on consumerism.  For years the fashion industry and its designers’ fate were in the hands of a handful – I became very excited by all of the possibilities and the democratization of fashion that tech and talk provide via social media. Cuuura is the world’s new meeting place for fashion” says Goulburn. Congratulations to them and can’t wait to see how it works in real life and how much it optimizes our fashion-related inquiries!


Elena Sendona

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