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Carbon-Negative Fashion by Covalent

We are all aware of the fashion industry’s impact on the planet, so anything sustainable is definitely good news for us! Innovation is part of this dialogue concerning the environment and there are fashion brands that are taking bold steps towards that direction sharing their incredibly creative eco-friendly ideas. Covalent is a direct-to-consumer fashion brand aimed at transforming the industry into a force for environmental good. It has created the world’s first carbon-negative, regenerative fashion products – crafted with a beautiful new kind of biomaterial called AirCarbon.

AirCarbon is made by combining air and carbon pulled from greenhouse gas, and Covalent uses it as a carbon-negative alternative to existing materials such as leather and acetate. Because Covalent products are made with AirCarbon, they heal the environment by reversing the flow of carbon out of the air when they are made.

By marrying AirCarbon technology with high-quality craftsmanship, Covalent offers elegant, minimalist essentials – from handbags and wallets to eyewear – that are imbued with an understated style that will withstand the test of time. Each piece is a physical manifestation of the concept that there is unique beauty and profound potential in everything, and that we can change our path to restore our environment.

The items are sleek and easy-to-style, a match made in heaven for the “less is more” proponents! Shop the collection HERE.

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