Bring it Closer!

I know it’s difficult, but let’s make a wish for London to… live the glorious days of Alexander McQueen’s exhibition in New York. “Savage Beauty”, the designer’s own version of this hard-to-define term, tamed huge flocks of fans and non-fans who paid with their presence, all these months – since May 2011 – tribute to his great creative mind. The exhibition’s success, although predictable, can be characterized phenomenal, one of the biggest in the over-a-century history of Metropolitan Museum and the top 1 in Met Costume Institute records. I was one of the unlucky ones who happened not to be in NY this period, which makes me to humbly whisper my strong desire to see this exhibition in Europe, in London or anywhere else. The long lines outside the Museum which were extended for many blocks the last week and the long time it lasted – beyond its initial frame – can easily convince anyone about the need to be repeated in another continent, as a chance to raise the work of the fashion designer from the state of a famous, accomplished professional to that one of an artist and an art historian, a person who reinterprets the past, re-examines reality, refreshes and redresses our memory. Many other modern-day designers, established and upcoming can get inspired by this “other role” of the designer, his mission to open our eyes and mind, broaden our horizons, draw again our lifestyles and perceptions. Real and surreal, my wish is related to the good impact a fashion genius managed to have not only for the world of fashion but also for the whole world, even for those less interested in excellent tailoring, innovative lines or high quality fabrics. Some say that the possibility of bringing this exhibition to London is not completely excluded. So let’s pray and it will happen!

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