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He is humble to the point that many well-dressed ladies became aware of his immense creative caliber this year, while watching him fashion-choreographing Lady Gaga at the Met Gala and later was receiving his CFDA Award as Designer of the Year for Women’s. His speech – which I watched on the treadmill at the gym amidst many other obligations – was so touching that it reduced me to tears as well. Although he has been working hard for years and years for the artistic vision of important people including Edward Enningful and Nicola Formichetti, his real breakthrough as a top-tier designer happened recently. Dresses seen on Karlie Kloss, Michelle Obama, and other important ladies has gradually – since 2015 – put him in the map of red-carpet-worthy designers. We love the structure of the dresses, the cut-outs, the versatility of each creation, the many ways you often are able to wear it. Nobody denies that he evolves as one of the hottest designers in Holywood and he is only 34!

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It’s Saturday morning, which means it’s the first time since Monday I’ve gotten to sit alone and have my coffee and be with my thoughts. I’m not sure if I accurately expressed my feelings in the whirlwind of this week, and if I didn’t, let me say it now. I’m proud to be a working American Designer and to be a part of a peer group who rides the ride every day, through the struggles and the fight, with an eye always on the finish line and the end goal of creating something inspiring that helps to make another person feel good. For many years I had the opportunity to work on projects with so many people in that room on Monday, nominated and not, and I know truly that it’s not about Winning. It’s about picking yourself up when you feel that you’ve lost in the every day moments of life, when you’re up against the wall, and telling a story with your work that inspires and puts that pain to good use. That is the common thread that bonds us all, and I’m proud to be on the journey with each and every one of them. Every single person that was in that room is a winner, and there are so many others not invited to the room who are waiting to have the chance. Head to @cfda and familiarize yourself with all the designers working in New York City today and support them; beautiful, diverse, American businesses built through hard work and determination, backed by integrity and visioned with a purpose. Look around your communities and ask yourself if you can be helpful to another person that has the same dream of creating and crafting but may not have the access or opportunity. Open your hearts, your minds, your doors and your wallets to these people, because right now more than ever the world needs beauty, and joy, and all the ingredients are right in front of you. ❤️

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