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Are you in trouble, dazed and confused, every time you open up your closet? Do you find it hard to mix & match your fabulous items? Ask for my help and you’ll somehow find your way! You can get instructed on what is missing from your wardrobe, which pairs with what and how we can combine colors, textures, accessories, hair and makeup. You can send me a photo of you or your item in question and without publishing it, I can share with you my experience on such issues, as a fashion editor and stylist for the past decade. You can also ask me how to build up a certain type of look, or meet your current fashion mood.

I can shed extra light to the matter with recommended styles for every occasion as well as adorable online shopping ideas.

My recommendation is going to be easy, original, value-for-money, made-to-measure for you. Need customized solutions for incredible style? Send me your request to and you’ll get a fast and smart fashionable response! Get free consultation now!!!

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