Antonio Marras Pre-Fall 2023: Enchanted Wanderlust

In the realm of Pre-Fall 2023, Antonio Marras transports us to the tale of Benjamin Piercy, the Welsh civil engineer of the 19th century who ventured to Sardinia with his kin to shape the island’s railways. Amid the Sardinian expanse, a sumptuous villa rose, a haven for Piercy’s family in the midst of untamed and untouched nature.

The villa’s splendor, coupled with its famed garden housing exotic treasures from distant lands, captivated Antonio Marras’s imaginative spirit. His storytelling prowess ignited, and he wove a pre-fall narrative influenced by the wandering daughters of Piercy. Within this realm of romance and whimsy, the collection unfurled, adorned with patchworked creations that Marras conjured in endless variations.

Bouquets of withered blooms, dry foliage, and ethereal ferns were meticulously appliquéd onto upcycled parkas, ballerina dresses, and knitted jumpers. Colors, akin to countryside landscapes in Fall season, evoked a faded yet poetic aura. Our favorite was the Vignola coat that is crafted with a classic straight fit and adorned with intricate floral embroidery. It is a versatile piece with nostalgic, retro vibes that elevates any day-to-evening look.

Overflowing with propositions both diverse and contrasting—mini and maxi, form-fitting and flowing, slender and voluminous, masculine and feminine—Marras’s exuberance knows no bounds. In his romantic world, the coexistence of opposites, drawn together like magnets, weaves his distinct tapestry.

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