Viktor & Rolf’s e-Treasure!

Have you ever visited designers’ Viktor & Rolf’s website? It unfolds literally like the story of a fairytale book, hidden in a magic, mysterious library of inspirations. Each chapter of this book is a link to another source of information that makes their work even more understandable. You can watch videos with their interviews and catwalk shows, photos of collections and archives of their work. You can click the “Extras” which include wonderful wallpapers and screensavers to download on your laptops and you can also leave your message to their online “Guest Book”, a place of reference for the designers’ fans. The website features also a virtual elevator which leads you to the “Secret Service” area, where you can subscribe and enjoy exclusive privileges in an amazing secret world of fantasy. Look, also, for the secret entrance to their perfume world which pops up with a gorgeous animated visual. There are many beautiful, charming elements in this perfectly functional website which reveal clearly the designers’ nature and intentions – both playful and serious – always maintaining some kind of surprise for the visitors and challenging them to search deeper in order to learn more. You have to find out what’s hidden behind this digital mansion’s closed doors and its numerous books in the library. You have to delve into their virtual kingdom before diving into their actual one!

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