Nude Diamond Breaks the Rules of Fine Jewelry!

You all know that I really have a sweet tooth for fine jewelry but also the curiosity to unravel all magical secrets of their construction and find out the latest innovations and most avant-garde styles. This time, I was lucky enough to discover a quite unconventional in approach genius partnership of minds that bares diamond to its essential and unrivaled dazzle by removing any old-fashioned technical support (i.e. setting) that till now blocked our view to the precious object! Fabrice Elfassy – a successful product designer for the last 15 years who teamed up with 3rd-generation heir to a family of diamond cleavers Gary Pill – talked us of their effort to expand Nude Diamond, their Antwerp-based company, into the global market sharing their minimalist design attitude and love for diamonds with a much broader audience!


Elena: It seems that something really fresh is being initiated through Nude Diamond. How would you describe your jewelry brand as well as your target group?

Fabrice: Indeed, we have created a small revolution in diamond jewelry! And to be honest with you, I like to think of Nude Diamond as diamond jewelry of the 21st century! There’s definitely something quite provocative and contemporary in our designs, yet they still remain classic and classy.

Elena: Which are the novelties and signature elements introduced through your collection?

nude_diamond3Fabrice: The most obvious novelty with Nude Diamond is the fact that diamonds are visible from every facet on our jewelry. They are not set into clasps, in order to reveal all their brilliance and sparkles. Another important aspect of our jewelry is that each piece is fully customizable on our e-boutique, from the gold color to the size and number of diamonds. And to make the shopping experience even more pleasant, we deliver around the world, for free!

Elena: It seems that there is exquisite pureness and beauty in these pieces. Does it comply with Antwerp’s general knack for minimalism and the local design scene?

Fabrice: Thank you for the compliment! It is true that our pieces are quite minimalist in design, and you’re probably right – although we never really thought about it – we probably were inspired at some point by the Antwerp local mood and designer scene. In a good way, hopefully!

Elena: Which was the initial inspiration for this collection?

Fabrice: It actually all stemmed from our frustration with traditional diamond jewelry and how people would actually buy for the myth of diamond more than for the sparkle of the stone. So we thought about it for a while and tried to figure out the best way to display diamond and to get the more brilliance from it. That’s how we came up with the initial concept for Nude Diamond.

Elena: Technically, how hard is it to create diamond jewelry without ‘setting’ that holds each stone in place? Is there a challenge?

nude_diamond4Fabrice: It is actually more challenging than it may seem, because aside from aesthetic considerations, we must be very cautious not to damage the stone when we drill into it. This operation is quite technical and does require some specific skills and accurate knowledge of diamonds.

Elena: You more or less customize the pieces! Is customization a new form of affordable luxury?

Fabrice: You could definitely say so! Nowadays, we can customize nearly everything, from cars to cell phones. So it’s only natural that we also let people customize their jewelry, isn’t it? It’s also a strong element of the Nude Diamond experience; we’ve noticed that our customers like to tell their own story when they “create” their own piece on our e-boutique.

Elena: Many of the pieces are not that expensive; it seems that you want to make diamonds part of our daily lives! Is that your intention?

Fabrice: This is a very good point and I’m glad you mentioned it! Yes, we are a luxury brand, but we also want to make luxury more affordable to everyone. And our greatest satisfaction is to see that not only our customers range from 25~60+, but also come from all walks of life and from all over the world. Our jewelry is definitely for everyone, because each woman is special and has a special bond with diamonds…

nude_diamond5Elena: Are your diamonds and metals ethically sourced and how do you ensure that?

Fabrice: This criterion is paramount to us. We only work with Antwerp-based diamond suppliers who are fully transparent in their sourcing and who can therefore guarantee the origin of their diamonds.

Elena: Why only diamonds? Are you planning on including other precious stones and what’s ultimately so special in diamonds?

Fabrice: To us, diamond is the ultimate precious stone! All our inspiration comes from the beauty of this unique stone. Also keep in mind that diamonds come in all colors, shapes and sizes, so the possibilities are almost endless…


Elena: Besides innovation which elements of heritage do you carry with? Did your background help you in implementing this idea?

Fabrice: When one thinks of diamond, there are some natural attributes that naturally come to mind such as timelessness, organic, sensuality, purity…And I believe our designs convey these attributes quite nicely. Our main concern is to display the stone without any superficial ornaments around it; we just let the beauty of the stone speak for itself.


Elena: Which is your vision and plans for the future? Would you be considering certain high profile collaborations with designers and department stores?

Fabrice: We’re always open to such collaborations and we are currently talking with a few designers… This is all the more interesting as our brand is growing and getting more exposure. The retail part is also something we’re beginning to develop. We are already being sold in two jewelry stores in Belgium and if things go well, we shall be sold in jewelry stores throughout Europe within the next few months…


Elena: Do you have a certain muse or ambassador that best represents your vision and why?

Fabrice: We have been collaborating with ‘Made in Chelsea’ TV star Rosie Fortescue and Brazilian actress/model Gabriela Dias for a few months, now. And we shall be able to announce a collaboration with a new brand ambassador very soon, but I can’t give you her name just yet 😉

That was a very insightful interview! Thanks so much Fabrice!!!

Elena Sendona


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