Ilias Zarbalis: “Teaching” How a Hair Salon Works!

I just had my hair styled at Ilias Zarbalis’ salon which is without much need of promotion the most well-organized and efficient beauty spot downtown Athens. You don’t need to wait, you don’t even have to choose a specific hair expert since everybody there shares the same high-level of expertise. Ilias Zarbalis seems like leading an orchestra of professionals ready to serve you in the best possible way at any time, suggesting the best hair solution, whether it’s a treatment, a cut or just a hairstyle. I usually prefer his salon in Voukourestiou, at the center of Athens, although there is a chain of hair salons in other suburbs of the city, and I tried them all with the same degree of success. If you happen to be in the city, you can check it out. You won’t regret. Nevertheless I should admit that women get gradually an increasing amount of satisfaction from beauty places, as they practice visiting more and more of them. So try to improve your relationship with beauty professionals and you will see the difference. Don’t be judgmental when you visit such places once a month or even less frequently.

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