Alzerina’s Crystal Clear Style!

Alzerina is an amazingly elegant and creative woman who loves the gleam of crystals and knows well how to put them together in fascinating pieces of jewelry. Being magically related to Swarovski, previously as a model and now as a designer, she has the luxury to work with Swarovski Elements almost as an insider. I’ve been to her home office and ended up appreciating her strong will, creativity and deep knowledge of her materials. She is aware of every new trend about crystals and all the latest types of Swarovski. The whole process of creating a new piece or line starts as quite experimental but as it gets close to its final stage it leads to real must-haves, products that sell.

Working on many projects – from trunk shows (Henri Bendel, Plaza etc.) and charity events to fashion shows and red carpet looks – Alzerina experiences an evolution. She was an artist who little by little is transforming into a business woman. She has to organize all kinds of details in order to secure that the final products is according to her own high-standards: wearability, comfort, great quality and exquisite style. We discussed about the need for affordable fashion and she said that this is among her major concerns. Although her creations vary in prices they are all value-for-money. Some of them require elaborate materials and techniques while others are simpler but still hand-made or hand-finished.

Her atelier is a crystal-studded paradise. I couldn’t decide which piece I would like to wear at the moment (during MB Fashion Week) but finally I picked this stunning Skyline chocker from The City Collection which is encrusted with Swarovski Crystals and finished with satin, leather and hand stitched edges. I loved it because it incorporates Alzerina’s fabulous concept of multiple styles in one jewelry piece. You can tie it as a bow or a simple knot leaving the sparkly edges free, in front, on the back or on one side. It’s very soft inside since it’s lined with suede leather and very glamorous all over. I matched it with a black strapless top and some times with a white blouse or shirt playing the role of a bow tie and reinforcing the idea of urban look. You can also pair it with the same bracelet for extra glam. Then I moved to the rest of her lines. She’s making an amazing bridal collection in which pearls, crystals and hand-made crochet coexist in a harmonious, retro-chic way.

Alzerina’s Cape Verde origins as well as her life and career first in Paris and now in NYC are easily reflected in her Signature Collection which is full of fantastic color combinations. You can easily find something that matches your dress or order a custom piece according to your outfit needs. Amazing necklaces, earrings and bracelets can adorn every look. Currently she’s working on pieces that can mix and match, worn one over the other or one close to the other. The easy-to-assemble multi-bangles and multi-rings will come out soon. I can’t stop talking about this amazing New Yorker who is so promising and so down-to-earth at the same time. She is working for various artists and celebs but she refrains from dropping names without clear permission from them. I know that, and the only thing I can tell you is that many wonderful women adore her collections and are spreading the word all over the city! If you want to learn more about my favorite jewelry designer Alzerina, you can check her official website as well as her awesome, much visited blog.

Alzerina’s Skyline Chocker Worn as a Tie with a White Brooks Brothers Shirt!

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