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All Comes From Nothing FW18: Love is the Only Gold!

The collection kicked off the last day of fashion week with a vibrant fashion-forward mix that was wearable, youthful, and definitely “came from something”! In 2016 designer Eva Xu visited Neue Galerie New York to view “Woman in Gold” (Portrait of Adele Bloch-Bauer I). Gustav Klimt’s bold golden tone emulating modern beauty, the Art- Deco style dress and kaleidoscopic prints amazed her.  Xu was struck by the Greek gods who under Gustav’s brush, not only looked like, but also behaved as modern gents and ladies, full of emotion. This was especially striking to the designer when viewing Klimt’s masterpiece Love and Embrace. The FW18 collection is named “Love is the Only Gold” as a tribute to Klimt.

Eva Xu graduated from School of the Art Institute of Chicago with a MFA degree. She soon moved to New York working for Michael Kors and later Ralph Lauren for 5 years. In 2014, Xu founded ALL COMES FROM NOTHING out of a desire to create a more personal womenswear line for creative lifestyles.

ACFN was selected from 6000 brands in Capsule and named Art World Uniform. In September 2016, the brand premiered its first runway show with the SS17 collection on the Intrepid, Museum of Air and Sea. In 2017, Xu was selected by NYCEDC and FIT as one of the 25 design entrepreneurs that received mentorship from presidents and CEOs of G-3 group and LVMH.

Inspired by the Chinese philosophy of simplicity and Minimalism art, ACFN combines the softness and draping found in natural fabrics with geometric shapes, creating versatile and unique looks. Each piece yields to the essence of the individual, allowing their inner identity to shine. The brand is sold internationally in department stores and boutiques.


Coome, a designer bag brand originally from the UK that collaborated with ALL COMES FROM NOTHING. Using “travel” as the starting point, Coome brings diversified and young spirits together. Coome put forward the idea of “grow in travel” to meet the demands of their personalized dressing on the journey. By traveling through different cities, pursuing different sceneries and sharing different traveling stories, the brand has built a unique ecosystem of travel, life, and culture.


Elena Sendona

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