Mulberry for Target

mulberry_target1My first impressions from the 8-piece Mulberry collection for Target, are substantially good, since the brand managed to offer its clientele low-budget cute and stylish bags, without betraying anybody who is ardent follower of its quality even at hard times. You can invest this month’s last $15-50 on a fashionably-acceptable item, you can hold for the whole season or even more. In times of crises that sweet alliance between high-end brands and low-end retailers, rescues fashionistas from desperate reactions, such as abstinence from shopping or compromise with half-style choices!

Μία ακόμα συλλογή βοηθάει τις fashionistas να σώσουν το image τους, κυκλοφορώντας παράλληλα… με τσέπες που δεν είναι τελείως άδειες!

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