A Very Impressive Talent

speckhard1Recently, during AXDW (Athens Xclusive Designers Week), I met Jessica Speckhard Savc at her exhibition in Athens. Among fashion shows, models and fashionistas, it was a great pleasure to talk with her and learn about her work. Her pieces of art were somewhere between photography and painting, that she loves. Her inspiration derives from the realm of woman sensitivity and at the same time dynamism. It’s all about charming women stories such as her pregnancy, the birth of her beautiful daughter and pictures of female silhouettes interacting with Greek landscape or elements. I think she is rather young, fresh and brilliant. Her images are eye-catching, engaging and very real. They seem to spring from a woman’s subconscious world, her true first impressions about a situation. Congratulations again Jessica. We wish you even more success and happiness!

Ένα μοναδικό ταλέντο που συνδυάζει τη ζωγραφική με τη φωτογραφία για να δημιουργήσει έργα που εκφράζουν τη γυναικεία φύση, συναντήσαμε πρόσφατα στο πλαίσιο της AXDW. H Jessica Speckhard Savc μας εντυπωσίασε.

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