Retro Pop Lace by Vassilios Kostetsos!

Vassilios Kostetsos, a Greek designer with more than a couple of participations at the official MB Fashion Week Schedule in NYC, presented recently his Spring/Summer 2012 Collection inspired by the 1957 movie “A boy on a Dolphin” with Sophia Loren in the leading role. The collection’s main feature – lace – takes on its provocative version and reveals the classical beauty of naked Grecian statues. Colors drawn from the movie’s setting – the Greek island of Hydra – are coral, turquoise, sea blue, orange, oil and coffee brown. Drapery, transparencies, interplay of different materials, accentuated shoulders and waists, navy look elements dominate the collection which consists mainly of lace gowns, seductive jumpsuits, 50’s and 80’s style cocktail dresses. It’s romanticism with a twist, and the interaction of fitted and flared lines!

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