Mr Zoulias’ Atelier & My Ferragamo!

Let me tell you my next good news! This evening I had the pleasure to pass by Mr Zoulias’s atelier which is located in Kolonaki (25 Vas. Sofias Avenue) just to pick up my invitations for the Charity Gala Dinner combined with a fashion show presenting Zoulias S/S 2011 Collection which is going to be held in Grande Bretagne Hotel’s Ballroom Feb. 7, 19.00. The money given for the tickets by each one of us are going to help a lot of some young people who suffer for diabetes at such an early stage in their lives. So, it’s going to be glamorous, moving and impressive and I am very happy because I ll be there! The event is sold out! Another good and fashionable thing that happened these days to me is that I bought a magnificent pair of incredibly pink (almost fuchsia), low-and-rounded heel shoes with a New Age Ferragamo plate out of resin engraved with the brand’s name in an innovative, calligraphic manner. I just love them!!! They are the ultimate Spring 2011 fetish for me! Just take a look at the photo, the zoom next to it, and the full Photo Gallery. Needless to say that they are officially called by the designer “My Ferragamo”!

[nggallery id=68]

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