Max Factor’s Latest Hits!

Max Factor is famous for easy-to-use professional makeup tools and products, proven to be each season’s must-haves for beginners and experts equally. My new favorites from this brand are mascaras, lasting lip colors and creamy double eye-shadows which offer a multiplicity of looks, customized to your preferences and personal style. I love the False Lash Effect Fusion mascara for Volume & Length, especially in Deep Blue and Black/Brown, with a full brush for richly-colored lashes. Although it’s not slim enough to reach easily the inner corner lashes, it leaves a generous quantity of high quality product onto the rest of the lashes. Next product in my list of adorables is the Lipfinity Lasting Lip Tint, especially in Pink Princess and Latte, the two extremes that make up the greatest part of lip color trends. Precision and comfort in application, durability and playful mood can be credited among its attractive features. It seems to be a clear reference to our school years and our painting classes, where most girls (and boys) were using the famous Crayola markers. We are still girls after all! Last and even more sensational is the new Smoky Eye Effect Eyeshadow in incredible color duos. It’s all about double sticks of creamy eye shadows in unexpected combinations that can be applied easily without any brushes and second strokes or secondary use of hands. You can have citrus with bronze, green with burgundy, silver with grey, purple with brown, with a soft metallic touch. It’s fabulous!

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