Daphne’s Gift!

After the ground-shaking Alexander McQueen exhibition in Metropolitan Museum, his long-time muse and ultimate style icon of our times Daphne Guinness, opens her vast, breathtaking wardrobe to the public eye, a gift which fashion lovers will always be grateful for. The eccentric fashionista and fashion collector with the ultra slim silhouette and the sharp taste owns one of the most interesting personal collections of Haute Couture items in the world and very few or almost none other can be compared to. The exhibition will open on Sept 17, just after the end of the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in New York and will take place at the FIT Museum, a place where many other fashion masterpieces are kept as a permanent collection to be visited all year long. It’s your chance to take a full sip of style, fashion and true Haute Couture ingenuity. Some of the pieces from Daphne’s Collection were really difficult to transfer, present and handle because they are made of rare, heavy or even very fragile and sensitive materials and fabrics. Can’t wait! It will be fantastic!

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