Betting on Jacobs’ Intentions!

Although I admire Marc Jacobs as a designer and Louis Vuitton’s Creative Director, I cannot stand the refreshed rumours raising him into the status of the “next in line to replace John Galliano at the House of Dior”. Noone can easily substitute John Galliano as noone can easily fill the gap left after Alexander McQueen’s demise. Sarah Burton tries hard to follow a genius’ steps preparing collections with the same recipe while she could have tried a new, equally revolutionary approach blended with the old creative scent. What can Marc Jacobs possibly achieve? Things will be even more difficult since neither himself nor LVMH’s Bernard Arnault intend on moving him from Louis Vuitton to Dior. Instead, if a deal is going to be made, after long discussions between them, Marc is going to keep for some time both Houses under his creative jurisdiction which sounds terribly demanding. Two heavy names, two long histories, two amazing fashion houses with French flavor and a tiny, slim American in the middle. So far he is a successful New Yorker in Paris doing amazingly well at Louis Vuitton and awarded as Chevaliers of the Ordre des Arts et des Lettres. Is it possible for him to do the next step overcoming Galliano’s past at Dior and giving the much needed or imposed twist to this House? Who can be extraordinary and outstanding in performance working at the same time for two outstanding names? Just asking… It’s a great bet. Will he take the risk?

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