Like A Costume

Katerina Tatsi, photographer, stylist, and mastermind behind the visually outstanding blog Like A Costume, is a very talented friend of mine who is sharing her vision with us through this amazing photo gallery. She has an eclectic eye for fashion, a great sense of style and the ability to capture charming color combinations that make important statements. Her looks are intricate, elaborate and playful. She instantly comes up with outfits that tell a story, meaningful and tender, just as she is. It’s a great honor to have her incredible snaps here and I’m urging you to read her stories in her marvelous blog Like a Costume!


Elena Sendona

L1020682 L1020681 L1020680 L1020678 L1020679 L1020677 L1020294 L1020694 L1020693 L1020692 L1020691 L1020700 L1020708 rockabilly_yoyo L1020705 morocco-086 L1020720 L1020721 L1020728 L1020729 L1020291 L1020744 L1020741 L1020740 L1020739 L1020815 L1020814 L1020804 L1020806 L1020809 L1020821 L1020825 L1020850 L1020839 L1020848 L1020835 L1020878 L1020865 L1020856 L1020860 L1020868 L1020874 L1020873 L1020869 L1020901 L1020899 L1020904 L1020879 L1020884 L1020945 L1020939 L1020920 yasukuni-2817-29 yasukuni-2820-29 yasukuni-2813-29 yasukuni-2815-29 L1020914 L1020918 L1020992 L1020962 L1020965 L1020988 L1020985 L1020984 L1020982 L1020976 L1020981 L1020991 L1020972 L1030012 L1030013 L1030010 L1030032 L1030006 L1030015 L1030018 L1030017 L1030022 L1030021 L1030024 L1030028 L1030087 L1030085 L1030083 L1030090 L1030096 L1030101 L1030112 L1030114 L1030109 L1030124 L1030122 L1030140 L1030139 L1030138 L1030133 L1030128 L1030121 L1030115 L1030153 L1030150 L1030154 L1030163 L1030161 L1030160 L1030158 L1030164 L1030169 L1030142 L1030172 L1030192 L1030188 L1030196 L1030186 L1030204 L1030212 L1030215 L1030222 L1030220 L1030225 L1030235L1030228 L1030227 L1030244 L1030243 L1030242 L1030265 L1030263 L1030259 L1030301 L1030287 L1030276 L1030308 L1030319 L1030411 L1030407 L1030406 L1030404 L1030418 L1030415 L1030414 L1030413 L1030421 L1030426 L1030438 L1030439 L1030435 L1030434 L1030429 L1030428 L1030456 L1030444 L1030490 L1030478 L1030487 L1030500 L1030506 L1030526 L1030582 L1030580 L1030564 L1030562 L1030558 L1030646 L1030585 L1030656 L1030684 L1030683 L1030682 L1030681 L1030680 L1030679 L1030676 L1030675 L1030692 L1030689 L1030688 L1030691 L1030709 L1030703 L1030708 L1030706 L1030783 L1030782 L1030780 L1030779 L1030789 L1030791 L1030788 L1030790 L1030785 L1030784 L1030807 L1030805 L1030804 L1030803 L1030802 L1030797 L1030796 L1030743 L1030740 L1030715 L1030746 L1030808 L1030814 L1030800 L1030798 L1030844 L1030845 budapest-108 L1030917 L1030915 L1030911 L1030914 L1030906 L1030910 L1030924 L1030968 L1030995 L1030993 L1030992 L1030989 L1030975 L1030984 L1030983 L1030982 L1030981 L1030977 L1030903 L1040044 L1040046 L1040010 L1040007 L1040006 L1040008 L1030980L1030986 L1040002 L1040215 L1040209 L1040214 L1040210 L1040055 L1040217 L1040216 L1040059 L1040056 L1040051 L1040049 L1040047 L1040316 L1040314 L1040315 L1040311 L1040346 L1040344 L1040339 L1040414 L1040410 L1040416 L1040400 L1040399 L1040398 L1040331 L1040335 L1040392 L1040394 L1040395 L1040396 L1040383 L1040387 L1040367 L1040461 L1040456 L1040460 L1040455 L1040465 L1040463 L1040467 L1040466 L1040477 L1040498 L1040529 L1040496 L1040494 L1040493 L1040491 L1040562 L1040563 L1040537 L1040542 L1040540 L1040539 L1040545 L1040553 L1040549 L1040550 L1040564 L1040552 L1040551 L1040558 L1040559 L1040557 L1040581 L1040535 L1040536 L1040963 L1040989 L1050001 L1040988 1045240_475312332550241_1605093935_n 1044998_475312675883540_2103179427_n 1044443_475312402550234_2038713229_n 1043912_475312235883584_1768245447_n 1017224_475312379216903_627700649_n 1016616_475312742550200_954405887_n 1014069_475312192550255_262969540_n 1013815_475312772550197_31036154_n 1010444_475312655883542_2051625279_n 1005890_475312252550249_1162378439_n 1005408_475312512550223_1511598208_n 971488_475312492550225_35063506_n 968771_475312575883550_741793376_n 9338_475312592550215_512886847_n 941761_475312565883551_70984998_n 424517_475312309216910_652053523_n 1011946_475312239216917_1616415400_n

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