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In my Goodie Bags!

In my Goodie Bags!
Finally, I managed to present you some of the little treasures I received during the MB Fashion Week in NYC. These amazing gifts from the designers were all found in the goodie bags I got while attending events and shows, and are my favorites among others. So, I got the Zang Toi’s Limited Edition...
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my black angel

t-shirt by maria kavvadia photo: likeacostume
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hello vans

vans x hello kitty baby shoes photo: likeacostume
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baby triathlon

mini rodini sneakers photo: likeacostume
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Marc Jacobs in Action!

Marc Jacobs in Action!
Marc is always unique and original, a person who speaks honestly and dresses authentically. He’s multi-tasking and multi-talented, lately involved in a movie and undertaking the creative direction of Diet Coke for 2013, on the occasion of its 30th anniversary as the most ‘innocent’ refreshment....
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Dior Invades Harrods!

Dior Invades Harrods!
It’s not world domination only for Chanel and Karl Lagerfeld. Another French Couture House and its new Creative Director, super-talented Raf Simons, is charming the globe and this month almost ‘invades’ the British stronghold of shopping in London, our beloved Harrods, a place which attracts international...
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great personality

l’f unisex black and blue shoes photos: likeacostume
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pajamas under my fur

piamita silk pajama set, bally woven belt, vintage mink fur coat photos: likeacostume
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dream jungle

tsumori chisato sweat dress, equipment silk shirt, house of holland houndstooth tights photo: likeacostume
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all black

burberry monk straps photo: likeacostume
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a bit goth

rodarte for opening ceremony cable-knit flared skirt, surface to air top, burberry monk straps photo: likeacostume
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What Happened to the FNO?

What Happened to the FNO?
Have you heard the news that coming next September, the Fashion Night Out thing will not take place in NYC, while keep up internationally? No one really explains clearly why, so far, but it seems that there are quite good reasons for taking such a decision. The whole idea of a night dedicated to shopping,...
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Do Not Avoid Avocado!

Do Not Avoid Avocado!
Another beautiful, sunny day with me thinking a lot about nutrition, good health, and low-budget dietary solutions. It seems that Spring will come at some point and we all need to look and feel gorgeous! Searching on the subject I came across with a recent study revealing once more the multiple benefits...
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