It seems that nowadays women act as new-age cosmopolitan creatures, hybrids of globalization and an increasingly intimate connection to the fashion world. It’s my dream to dress women as the best version of themselves, injecting to their looks greater confidence and booming originality.  Simple and firm lines, as well as great quality of materials, are the way to create everyday luxury and the enhanced version of the so-called basics of the female wardrobe.


I have been traveling a lot to meet the true essence of fashion, its origins and the pace it moves in time, and I’m sure that most women are part of this journey of interacting cultures, identities and personalities. What came out of this process is an increasing appreciation of the necessity to respond efficiently to the needs of the super-active woman.

She is cosmopolitan and this, by itself, sets new challenges. But she is also very busy, and this means another set of requirements.  Her clothes need to be comfortable, to imply a certain status, as well as to serve her in a variety of occasions throughout the day.  She gallops from one place to another, with maybe different weather conditions, different etiquette and dress code, in a very short time.  And she needs to look and feel perfect.  I see her as a futuristic amazon, simple and effective, strong but not too loud.  Her style should be imposing and awesome but not overwhelming.

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