JUST IN XX: Matrix Structures to Wear in FW20

Catwalk — By on February 12, 2020 at 10:06 am

JUST IN XX pushes the boundaries of the unknown. Forging a new frontier of men’s and women’s fashion, the East meets the West with a renewed energy through each distinctive design. Founded in 2014 by Taiwanese native, Justin Yu-Ying Chou, the brand continues to adapt and develop within today’s ever-evolving fashion industry. Not only a rising designer of influence in Asia, Chou has also cultivated a significant presence in the global fashion world, by showing in Shanghai, Taipei, New York, among other cities.

Continuing to blaze a distinct trail in the fashion industry, JUST IN XX’s latest vision for Fall/Winter 2020, “Double Imprint,” is influenced greatly by contemporary artist Tsong Pu, whose work has shaped the landscape of Western postwar minimalism. Dominated by matrix structures, Pu’s art is widely recognized for its striking organizational structure and sense of freedom within dynamic geometrical borders. It’s this melding of old and new perspectives that attracts Yu-Ying Chou to Pu’s work. Inspired specifically by Pu’s use of continuous square matrices, Chou has modeled his latest designs using digital print patterns and three-dimensional jacquards.

By adapting Pu’s meticulous attention to form and blending it with JUST IN XX’s modern stylized DNA, Chou illustrates the concept of this mixed-medium fashion through each piece in the collection. Square pockets and gingham are married in delicate contrast with edgy PVC material, metal and wool. Each piece is a return to the classic wardrobe, reimagined. Fusing unique aesthetic and structure with special attention to create a marriage of fashion and art, of modern and classic. In this series, JUST IN XX also collaborates with the vision of American fashion jewelry brand, Fovea Jewelry. Together, the two brands take adapts everyday objects such as iron buckets, locks and flower pots, to create truly rare unique accessories. Building on this oppositional combination, Chou
transforms a medley of stuff, from motorcycle locks to metal chains into ornate pieces, thus reconceiving the things most common in Taiwanese life.

For footwear, Chou also made bold changes to Converse shoes, fully reconstructing them with shoes used in previous shows. Not only does this revisualization create a completely unique shoe, but also highlights a sustainable effort from the designer. In this latest collection, JUST IN XX brings a balanced and exciting mixture of elements to the fashion world. It is a distinctive new chapter in the fashion label’s compelling history.

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