9 Ways to Master 5-inch Heels!

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Walking on sky-high heels can be extremely challenging for some women but they all admit that an addition to their height is always a desirable one. There are shoes that are torturing and a true risk to wear. Those can cause corns, blisters, muscle spasms, calluses and bunions accompanied with lots of pain. We want you safe and confident, and so decided to give you some tricks that will make your feminine stiletto-heel stride look almost effortless!


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Take baby steps. With a steady pace and more cautious moves, you’ll gradually make your walk feel more natural.

Make a heel-to-toe movement that resembles one made with flat shoes. Transfer partially the weight towards the balls of your feet, so as to push and forward for your next step.

Maintain a healthy posture that lines up your head with your spine as if you are pulled up with a vertical string. Keep your chin parallel to the ground and never look down. Your abs should be involved in the motion as well as your arms that will help you achieve a balance. Bent your knees slightly and keep your legs close together with your toes facing an imaginary wall in front of you. This stance with add a flow to your stride and protect your arches.

Try the runway walk. Just follow an invisible straight line or imitate tightrope walking. You will necessarily be crossing one foot in front of the other causing a charming sway of your hips that in effect shifts and lifts your legs to the center at each of your small steps. It’s sexy and ultimately more convenient!

Use your new heels way before you hit the streets. Wear them at home to practice your walk but also to break them in and mold them according to your feet’s shape. If super tight, ask a cobbler to stretch them. Your soles should be slightly worn out and therefore less slippery. The whole shoe should get softer and more flexible saving your feet from blisters. Experiment with different walking surfaces – from slippery to rough – to check convenience. Test-drive them while dancing and going down the stairs.

Stand correctly on your heels. Learn to place your feet with the heel of one foot hitting the middle of the other at a comfortable angle. Your weight should be on the toe of the hidden foot, while a shift of sides can be crucial when you get tired.

Be an educated shoe-shopper. A smart-buy moment is always at the end of the day when your feet are swollen and occupy the greatest space. Accommodate them in roomy shoes and a size you will double-check while walking inside the store.

Make an evolution. Slowly increase your heel height as you master lower ones. Chunky heels, boots, wedges and platforms are ideal for beginners, since they offer better support. Still do not wear them on a daily basis for long hours.

Be always equipped with cushions, insoles and blister pads to minimize pressure and friction. Bring also with you backup flat shoes to give your feet a break. Be brave and think proactively!

Love You All!

Elena Sendona

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