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sight of the stars

stella mccartney stars printed corduroy dress with star belt stella mccartney organic cotton and cashmere knitted scarf photos: likeacostume
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Let’s Make Fashion Unique!

Let’s Make Fashion Unique!
It seems that nowadays women act as new-age cosmopolitan creatures, hybrids of globalization and an increasingly intimate connection to the fashion world. This is one of the reasons I call my blog Fashionality and that was the initial thought behind my evolving relationship with fashion design. It’s...
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domino dancing

petit bateau top and cardigan photo: likeacostume
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chilli and lime

zara baby lime cotton cardigan c de c red denim skinny pants photos: likeacostume
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A Girl’s Treasures!

A Girl’s Treasures!
Unique items such as this Valentino Pop Rockstud leather iPhone 4 case and the hand-made pendant created by the Greek designer/artist Joanna C. are truly a girl’s little treasures. Very stylish, useful and well-crafted, these amazing accessories make me stand out. I’m also wearing my new...
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Almost New!

Almost New!
This is my favorite body milk right now. To be honest this ultra softening, easy-to-absorb Korres body milk with Iris Lily of the Valley Cotton scent was waiting for me to use since last Christmas time. I was totally ignoring it, as a part of a gift set under the Christmas tree. But I was lucky enough...
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ballet wrap

photo: likeacostume
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lego it

brooks cycle bag photo: likeacostume
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clara collins olive wide leg pants dkny olive silk shirt brooks cycle bag kenzo x vans floral print sneakers photos: likeacostume
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The Sweetest Day!

The Sweetest Day!
I had the most amazing honor to be invited to the Ralph Lauren show for the second time, and I have to tell you that the whole experience was extremely unique. Not only had I the chance to see the designer’s new cosmopolitan inspirations, but also, as a journalist, I was treated the best way, on the...
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equipment silk shirt photos: likeacostume
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In my Goodie Bags!

In my Goodie Bags!
Finally, I managed to present you some of the little treasures I received during the MB Fashion Week in NYC. These amazing gifts from the designers were all found in the goodie bags I got while attending events and shows, and are my favorites among others. So, I got the Zang Toi’s Limited Edition...
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photos: likeacostume
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my black angel

t-shirt by maria kavvadia photo: likeacostume
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hello vans

vans x hello kitty baby shoes photo: likeacostume
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